Teeth Whitening and Dental Implants

Teeth whitening and dental implant services to help you rediscover your self-esteem, and the confidence to smile whenever you feel like it.

  • Tooth whitening from£175
  • Veneers from £410
  • Dental Implants from £1,500
  • Clear braces from £1,800
  • Cosmetic dentures from £750
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    A smile makeover can:

    • Give you a whiter, regular smile
    • Conceal chips, gaps and stains
    • Build your confidence

    Smile makeover treatment is:

    • Safe and often completely pain-free
    • Fully available at our Glasgow clinic

    A smile makeover can conceal or correct teeth that are:

    • Discoloured
    • Irregular
    • ‘Gappy’
    • Missing
    • Chipped

    Why do I need a Smile Makeover?

    Our smile makeovers are hugely popular alongside other facial fillers such as jawline fillers. When you are embarrassed by the condition of your teeth, you’ll find it affects whole areas of your life. You’ll probably avoid smiling in company, or alter your smile to avoid showing too much tooth. Over time you may find your confidence affected. Ultimately, stains, chips and gaps could prevent you from smiling at all.

    To the people who choose a smile makeover with Peppermint, their treatment isn’t simply about whiter, more regular teeth. It’s about self-esteem, and the confidence to smile whenever they feel like it.

    How does a Smile Makeover work?

    You’ll find a range of cosmetic dental treatments at Peppermint. They include:

    • Stain removal: A simple hygiene and airflow treatment that remove stains and helps restore teeth to their original shade. Prices From £45
    • Tooth whitening: There’s no one standard tooth colour, and for many, their natural tone is several shades away from white. Tooth whitening takes your teeth beyond their natural shade, to achieve a whiteness that simply would not be possible naturally. You choose the level of whiteness, so whether you want a smile that’s a few shades brighter, or yearn for a dazzling Hollywood gleam, we’ll help you achieve it. Prices From £175
    • Veneers: Lumineers aren’t like standard veneers. They’re ultra-thin (about as thin as a contact lens) which means they not only feel more natural; they also remove the need for aggressive, irreversible treatment of the tooth before they are applied – and there’s no anaesthetic or temporary acrylics required while your veneers are prepared. Prices From £410

    Thanks to Lumineers, you can hide small gaps, irregularities and discolouration, and enjoy a Hollywood smile without any painful downtime.

    • Implants: Replace one, several or all the missing teeth in your mouth with dental implants, the titanium system that gives you the confidence to smile, eat and talk without worrying. Prices From £1500
    • Orthodontics: Often, achieving the perfect smile is simply a matter of the right orthodontics and a little time. Peppermint’s range of orthodontic treatments include conventional braces, near invisible trays, and braces that sit behind rather than in front of your teeth, so no one need notice the steps you’re taking to achieve a better smile. Prices From £1800
    • Cosmetic dentures: Peppermint dentists have a real flair for capturing the appearance of your real teeth in dentures – so your smile remains natural. Prices From £750

    What will happen during treatment?

    Before we carry out any treatment we’ll complete a full consultation with you and explore all your options so you can make an informed choice.

    Some of the of the above treatments can be completed in minutes and are entirely painless. Some, for example dental implants, require more invasive treatment. And some, like our veneers treatment, Lumineers, offers spectacular results while reducing the pain, time and inconvenience of traditional treatments.

    To explore what will happen during your treatment, please call us.

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