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Looking to enhance and restore the volume in your chin? At Peppermint Cosmetics, we use only the best dermal fillers for chin augmentation. These high-quality fillers are injected into your chin, restoring volume lost throughout the natural ageing process.

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During the ages process, your skull naturally rotates, which eventually causes your chin to move backwards. This natural movement leads to tissue around the chin dissolving, which can lead to a sagging effect. Equipped with some of the best professionals in the industry, Peppermint Cosmetic Clinics are the best choice for chin filler treatment in the city of Glasgow.

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    Chin Filler Treatment in Glasgow

    In the cosmetics industry, chin fillers are more of a lesser known procedure among patients, the exact same can be said for cheek fillers. Nowadays however, chin filler treatment is becoming ever more popular, and we are continuing to see a rise in chin filler appointments at our Botox clinic in Glasgow. This is due to the fact that they can help to achieve a much more natural and symmetrical facial appearance. A big part of Chin fillers rise in popularity can be put down to various celebrities throwing it into the limelight, such as Chloe Ferry.

    If you are someone who is dissatisfied with the proportions on your face, then chin filler treatment could be a great option for you. Chin reshaping can do a lot to tweak the overall look of ones face, and this is due to the symmetrical effect of chin filler treatment.


    How long does it take for the treatment to work?
    The results of this treatment will be immediate.  Once any swelling has subsided the results will be subtle and pleasing.

    How long does this procedure last?
    Our fillers use a proprietary form of HA that exists naturally in your skin.  It lasts longer than other older formulas – around 12 months compared to other fillers which may only last for a couple of months.

    Who performs this procedure at Peppermint Group
    Founder, Owner & Clinic Director of the Peppermint Group, Dr Rita Poddar BDS MJDF FDS RCS(Eng) is our Aesthetic Specialist who will expertly perform this procedure


    What does the procedure involve?
    Chin Filler Procedure can enhance the overall appearance of the chin area using Dermal Fillers which are an excellent way to shape and adjust chin features resulting in a more satisfactory and balanced profile.  An under formed or weak chin can be genetic and can affect a patient’s overall confidence.  We can use Dermal Filler on the chin to stiffen the skin, which results in definition of the chin and jowl area lessening the weakness of a weak chin.  Chin filler can create a more balanced profile by  lengthening and enhancing a patient’s lower facial appearance.

    Where will the procedure take place?
    This procedure is offered at our Glasgow City Centre Peppermint Group Clinic (270 Bath St) as well as our Chapelhall and Maryhill Clinics.  Our enquiry team will update you of next available appointments.

    What is the price of this procedure?
    This procedure starts from £400 (1ml) but final price will be confirmed at Consultation Appointment depending on the volume of Dermal Filler required.

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