Hyperhidrosis Treatment for Excessive Sweating

When the amount you sweat starts to affect the way you live your life, it’s time to take action. Hyperhidrosis treatment from the peppermint group can help you control your excessive sweating boost your self-esteem.

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    Hyperhidrosis treatment will:

    • Reduce sweating by between 75-80%
    • Boost your confidence and self esteem
    • Reduce or remove the need for specialist antiperspirants or multiple daily showers
    • Let you lead a normal life

    Hyperhidrosis treatment is:

    • Safe
    • Quick
    • Almost completely pain-free
    • Not a cure – but repeat treatments can help keep excessive sweating under control

    Why do I need treatment?

    Everyone sweats, and there’s no true measure of what counts as ‘normal’ sweating. But what is certain is that too much sweat (known as ‘hyperhidrosis’) can dramatically affect your way of life. It can make you less socially active, and feel self-conscious around people. It can damage your confidence. Much like our other treatments such as cheek fillers, or lip fillers, our hyperhydrosis treatment can give you a huge confidence boost.

    Hyperhydrosis can also stop you dancing, or going to a gym. And when you try everything to reduce or conceal your sweating – from repeated showering to specialist antiperspirants – you can find your hyperhidrosis consuming far too much of your life and/or money.

    Hyperhidrosis is something many people feel embarrassed about – but you don’t have to put up with the embarrassment if you get the problem treated. Visit our clinic in Glasgow today, where hyperhidrosis treatment is available!

    How does hyperhidrosis treatment work?

    We use a small dose of Dermal Fillers to inhibit your armpits’ ability to produce sweat. In clinical studies, the treatment has been proven to reduce sweat by 75-80%.

    What will happen?

    Before we carry out any treatment we’ll complete a full consultation with you and explore all your options so you can make an informed choice.

    Treatment is carried out by injecting the Dermal Fillers into the skin of the armpit. It’s a swift, simple treatment and is largely pain-free.

    How long will the effects of the treatment last?

    You may start to notice an effect after just 2 weeks although everyone’s response time is different. The treatment is not a cure, so to keep your sweating at the reduced levels you will need repeat treatments. The frequency varies from person to person, but it will typically be between 6 and 16 months.

    How will I feel after the treatment?

    You may feel a slight stinging during the injection. That aside, you should feel fine.

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