Get great results with an 8-point non-surgical facelift from Peppermint Cosmetics in Glasgow. This procedure involves treating the lower two thirds of the face with rejuvenation, which creates a lifting effect.


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Our 8-point face lift will help to give your skin a natural look, without looking fake or overdone. This procedure helps to enhance the overall structure of the face, which is what creates the natural lifting dynamics.

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    What does the procedure involve?
    The 8 Point Facelift is a specialised volumizing and lifting facial treatment sometimes referred to as a liquid facelift or non-surgical facelift.

    This procedure works by targeting key areas of the mid-facial region to lift, contour and revitalise the whole mid-face and lower face. We’re proud to offer completely surgery free Facelifts – designed to provide our clients with the amazing results of a facelift without worrying about surgery!

    Facelifts are designed to reduce the many signs of ageing on the face that occur naturally.  These can include heavy eye bags, sagging cheeks and blemished skin to mention a few.  Efficient and safe, you’ll see the great results from this procedure within days.  Our Non-Surgical facelifts can create a slimmer looking face with a more defined jawline and chin and uplifted cheekbones.  This reduces the appearance of sagginess and reduces the jowls, creating a tightening effect on the neck area.

    As an add on we can also create an eyebrow lift using different thicknesses.  The main techniques involved in this procedure include restoring volume to many different parts of the face – including the cheeks, eyes (eyelids), jawline, temples and the chin.

    We use a variety of different muscle relaxing injections using only the highest quality fillers in order to vastly reduce the appearance of heavy wrinkles and lift the overall appearance of your face in many different areas.

    How long does this procedure last?
    As the 8 Point Facelift uses dermal fillers, results will be seen immediately and can last up to 18 months.

    Who performs this procedure at Peppermint Group
    Founder, Owner & Clinic Director of the Peppermint Group, Dr Rita Poddar BDS MJDF FDS RCS(Eng) is our Aesthetic Specialist who will expertly perform this procedure

    Where will the procedure take place?
    This procedure is offered at our Glasgow City Centre Peppermint Group Clinic (270 Bath St) as well as our Chapel hall and Maryhill Clinics.  Our enquiry team will update you of next available appointments.

    What is the price of this procedure?
    This procedure is from £995 but final price will be confirmed at Consultation Appointment

    How do I book an Appointment
    To book a Consultation Appointment to discuss this procedure in more detail:-
    Call Peppermint Group Enquiry Team on 0141 739 8000 or
    Email enquiries@thepeppermintgroup.co.uk